#ResuChat Preview 04/23/13: Job Searching When You’ve Got Limited Experience

A lot of job seekers are so busy with college, current jobs, or other commitments that they don’t have much time to build their resumes by taking an unpaid internship in a major city. What do these students do when they graduate? How can they look attractive to employers? What real-world experiences can they draw from to add to their resume despite not having professional work or internships?

Find out more in this week’s #ResuChat with Lea McLeod, (@leamcleod), founder of Degrees of Transition, a resource which help new grads and recent grads structure a job search so that they can find their first job. Lea was recently named a Top 50 Blog for Young Careerists and is an expert panelist at ManagingAmericans.com in the New Grad category.

Join Jackalope Jobs, Lea, and the #ResuChat community for a discussion on job searching when you’ve got limited experience on Tuesday, April 23 at 8 p.m. ET. Here are some questions we’ll discuss during #ResuChat:

  1. What are some ways for entry-level job seekers to stand out when they don’t have a ton of experience?
  2. How can job seekers explain limited experience in the application process?
  3. What are some alternatives to internships?
  4. What if job seekers are looking for higher-paying work but have limited experience?
  5. Can knowing certain skills replace limited experience?
  6. What are some other pieces of advice for job seekers with limited experience?

Be sure to check out #ResuChat April 23, and join the conversation with @JackalopeJobs for #ResuChat on Twitter every other Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET!