INFOGRAPHIC: Which Social Networks Are Used by Job Seekers? | SocialTimes

Here is a real interesting article I saw.  Some job seekers ask me “which social networks should I use?”, or “why do I want to use Facebook?”.  Social networks can be helpful for different industries; for my most general answer, I always go with: “focus on LinkedIn and Facebook”.

But, this article can shed some light on other social networks…


INFOGRAPHIC: Which Social Networks Are Used by Job Seekers? | SocialTimes.

17 Linked Profile Must Haves

Somehow, doing some random surfing, I came across this great infographic from David Wallace.  This really boils down what job seekers really need in their LinkedIn profile.  If you are struggling with your profile, print this and use it as a guideline.  If you think your profile is awesome, print this and use it as a checklist.  Good stuff.

17 LinkedIn Profile Must-Haves
Courtesy of: Infographic Journal

Networking Emails That Work



Not a day goes by when I don’t get several emails or LinkedIn messages asking for help getting introduced to an insider at a hiring company.



Of course, the standard request goes something like this:


Do you know Paul L? he just started at ABC company. Can you introduce me to him?


Now because of my mission, I usually try to accommodate these requests, unless your email looks fishy or spammy. However job seekers need to realize that most people you need help from are not on a mission to help job seekers or even you. Anyone important, or somewhat important usually will ignore a very standard request.

Shifting into a new career? Social Blunders that Older Applicants Must Avoid

Guest Post by: Kyle Albert

Unfortunately, age may matter when it comes to applying for a job, especially for career shifters who decided for a late change.  Some hiring representatives take this change negatively, thinking that you’re not a good career settler (a person who stays and grows into the job forever).  But, don’t allow this impression reduce your hope of making something good out of your life. Present yourself as a competent, more mature applicant and ace your way in getting that new job.


To get you started, here are common mistakes that older applicants must avoid.

Run Ranger Run – A Way We Can All Serve









Remember when we were kids?  Many of us wanted to do different things when we grow up. 

There were days I wanted to be a super-hero (I used shopping bags to make a cape with a big red “S”), a fireman, I also wanted to be an astronaut.

The one thing, I wanted to be is a soldier.

After The Interview: How to Follow Up

A Guest Post by: Kate Gredley

So you got the interview, you feel like you aced it—now what? This is the stage that so many people forget. It’s incredibly important to follow up after an interview. Not only does it show courtesy and politeness, it shows that you genuinely cared about the interviewer taking the time out of their day to meet with you, and of course, sets you apart from others.

But the important part is, how do you go about doing this? There are a couple different options. With my extensive experience in giving interviews, I’d like to share some tips I’ve picked up to fine tune your interview follow-up like a true professional.

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